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Only a half hour until the doors open again for Day Two of my Holiday Home Show. And I’m hoping for another great day like yesterday. I’ve refilled, replenished & rearranged so there’s plenty of great gift ideas still on the shelves. We’re open from 10:00am-6:00pm today. If you need address info, just let me know!

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Special thanks to everyone who made it over today for my Holiday Home Show.
It was “crazy-crowded-fun” those first few hours!!! Whew. I’m still working on fixing everything up so I’m ready for another big day tomorrow! Replenishing. Restocking. Ready for Day Two!!! C’mon over…

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Three minutes to 10:00am…
and the first customers are already buzzing the doorbell!!!
I love my customers. So loyal. So supportive. So much fun!!!
Let the fun begin…

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Besides all the mugs, there will also be hundreds & hundreds of holiday ornaments at the Holiday Home Show. Come see all twelve month’s worth of the Holiday Ornament Challenge. As well as this “curtain” of wheelthrown & soda-fired ornaments.

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Just a quick preview of some of the mugs that will be at my Holiday Home Show.
There are MORE THAN A HUNDRED MUGS to choose from.
These are just a quick sampling to whet your whistle!

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Just a quick reminder that this weekend is my Holiday Home Show.
Saturday, November 23rd & Sunday, November 24th from 10:00am-6:00pm.
With lots of pots in every room of my condo… and the “Tired Of Shlepping Sale”
on the back porch. Remember, it’s at my home, not my studio.
If you need address details, just let me know… by e-mail, Facebook, text, phone call, etc.

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Sure, I should have been at home getting ready for this weekend’s Holiday Home Show. Sure, I still have a ton to do. Instead… I went to see my favorite P!NK in concert… with my friend Pam Robinson at the Allstate Arena.

P!NK is such an incredible performer with tons of dancing, acrobatics, spinning, hanging, trapezeing and literally flying out over the audience… all the while singing all of her hit songs. Such a performer. My P!NK crush is full-blown now!

At one point, I was taken by the view of the full arena… and that the crowd response of holding up lighters at a concert has changed to holding up iPhones with the flashlight turned on!!! Not quite as cool as Zippo’s, but…

She opened the show with “Raise Your Glass”… and she raised the roof too! Literally flying out from under the stage, springing all over on bungee cords turning it into a trapeze act as she continued to sing the song! To see a little of the video, click here for “Raise Your Glass.”

The concert was great. Full-blown production. One of the biggest & most produced shows I’ve ever seen. Lights. Lasers. Dancers. Trap doors. Fog. Scenery. Contraptions. All going all over the place all the time!!!

And sure, why not do some splits on aerial silks while singing?! Doesn’t everyone do that? Let’s see Britney lip-sync her way through this one!!! For this one she started out on aerial silks, and then morphed into the abusive-fight-dance sequence from her video for “Try.” To see a video of the concert version of “Try” click here.

And to see a video of her incredible performance of “Try” at the American Music Awards, click here. It was show-stopping performance, also base don the original video, performed live for the award show.

Then she performed “Sober” on this spinning sphere-cage-concoction. Not only does she climb inside, outside and all around… but then the raise it, spin it, and add several more dancers. It’s wild. And again, she’s singing the entire time!!! To see a video clip of “Sober” in concert, click here.

Okay, so sure there were a few “normal” sings where she stayed down on stage and just sang. And sounded great. Great while standing. Great while spinning. Just great!!!

She ended the concert by literally flying around the arena… FLYING!!! And singing “So What” at the same time. High above the crowd, up to the third balcony, across the ceiling and back. All the while singing the finale. To see a video of “So What” in concert, click here.

And a final bow… and the end to an incredible concert. I LOVE P!NK!!!

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My friend & fellow potter Greg Schultz gave me a container of slip. Apparently it’s just “some mud” that he dug up out of the ground and “processed” into a slip. This was the first time we were trying it in the soda kiln firing atmosphere. We assumed it would flux out pretty well. Maybe too well. So here are two test tiles that got a good amount of soda. The one on the left got more soda, the right one less soda.

And here’s one “test” mug which I painted the top portion with Greg’s new “mud” slip. It fluxed out really well, “broke” in all the right places and kind of has a temoku glaze appearance after soda firing. If you look closely, there’s also some crystals forming it the slipped areas too.  Love ’em. I now need to do another test where it would get hit with a lot less soda. To see if a drier section of the kiln might give us a different effect. This mug was on the very top shelf where things tend to get a LOT of soda on them. But so far… very encouraging!

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Now that the kiln has been unloaded, I have a “box of fun” that all needs with be wired & ribboned to turn them into Christmas ornaments. A couple different months worth of ornaments from the “monthly holiday challenge” finally fired and ready to go! I’ve got a LOT to do before next weekend if I want them to be ready for the Holiday Home Show!