Gary Jackson: Fire When Ready Pottery
A Chicago potter’s somewhat slanted view of clay & play
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Tonight I finished adding handles to the first batch of new mugs.
Generally I keep the mugs with freshly attached handles under wraps
overnight before leaving them out to dry. In my mind, it helps keep the handles
“happy” by allowing the moisture levels to balance out between the drier cup
and the wetter handle. After they “even out” overnight, then I can open them up,
add a few slip details, and then let them dry fully… with happy handles!

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It’s always great to get pictures from your customers of your work.
Actually seeing your work being used and loved in their home… or campsite!
I got these pictures from Amy Higgason who organized the ART DETOUR.
One of her friends had purchased one of my candle votive cups!

And here’s the message from Sally:
“Just getting to this now! loved your Art Sale! So nice to have such talent presented
so wonderfully! Look how wonderful the votive holder was for my campout!!!

If any of you have photos to share, I’d love to see them!

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After yesterday’s clear skies, this morning was quite different.
With a lot of clouds in the sky, and a groovy orange sunrise stripe along the horizon.
Almost creepy as we get closer to Halloween?!

Then the sky started to brighten a little. But the clouds were so thick that the sun never
really had a chance to make it out. I thought there was great potential for a stunning sunrise,
but the clouds won the battle.

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It’s getting cooler in Chicago… summer is definitely gone.
The sky was pretty clear. Which seems to make it feel even colder for some reason?!

This morning was a little damp. With a few overnight puddles still on the bike trail.
That’s why I added my fender onto the bike. No one wants that “squirrel tail” of dirt
splattered all up your back!

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After stamping batch number one, I opened a new bag of B-Clay
and threw another batch of mug cylinders. Tomorrow the stamping continues!

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Overnight the cylinders stiffened up to a “wet” leatherhard state. And since I need to
keep things moving forward, I unwrapped them and started stamping wetter than I’d like!
Here’s a few examples… side-by-side… plain and then stamped!

And here they are… the first batch of new mugs stamped and ready to dry some more.
Hopefully tomorrow I can start trimming, handle attaching & slip decorating!

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So the production cycle has begun again…
and by now you might realize that I typically start with my favorite… MUGS!!!
So while my pile of reclaim is settling in & drying up a bit, I broke into a fresh
bag of soda clay to make a new batch of cylinders… soon to become mugs!

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It’s time to get back into full production mode… and time for more clay!
And since my reclaim bucket was getting full, it’s also time to reclaim some clay.
Just a couple days of drying on my plaster bat and it should be “reclaimable.”
So it’s just a bit of work, a lot of wedging… and it seems like “free” clay to me!

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So we had another “glitter gig” event Wednesday night at the Field Museum.
One of the activities was henna artists in the World Market section.
Not wanting to be a party-pooper… I had to step it up… and go for the tattoo!

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The sunrise this morning was especially vibrant & stunning. I tried to get a good ride in,
but found that I spent more time taking pictures! It seemed like the sky just kept getting
better & better. Such incredible colors splashing across the sky!

But then, just a few minutes later… it was gone! The last of the sun as we’ll see it today!
Gone, but not forgotten.