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During our bike ride Sunday, we were on the proverbial quest to find some homemade pie along the way. One of our biking traditions. Unfortunately, we failed along the route… and the pie shop in Kankakee had already closed by the time we finished our miles. But I am NOT a quitter!!! I still wanted pie… and had to find some. So I found some pie on my way home, but couldn’t decide. And I figured after more than a hundred miles, I “deserved” more than one piece of pie.

But they didn’t sell slices, so I had to get whole pies! So now I have two pies that I need to finish… somehow… I’m sure it will be no problem!!! I’m a trooper.





August 9th, 2018

Wondering what kind of pie the red one is…?

August 10th, 2018

Cherry. Nothing special, nothing too exciting or gourmet… just a basic cherry pie made even better with some vanilla ice cream!

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