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Christmas Day was great… giving gifts, getting gifts and lots of food!
It’s so much fun to watch my little niece Taylor enjoy the day so much.
She was ripping open presents… loving every Disney Princess she opened.
Nothing better than the sound of a little kid giggling… all day long!
She also acted as our official “gift-passer-outer-er” for the day…
which included some new pottery tools for me!!!


Mudtools in every style! Green-handled Mudwire tool for cutting pots off the wheel.
Pink-handled Mudwire tool with “squigly” spring wire for textured cutting.
A blue-handled Mudcutter Wiretool with both straight wires and “squigley” ones.
Plus the new Mudshark which combines a cutting knife and a needle tool in one handy
orange handle. Also included, new foam “bumbers” for my Giffin Grip.

Special thanks to my Mom & Dad (aka “my art fair assistants”) for the wonderful gift.
I can’t wait to get back into the studio and put them to use.

Next up?… now I think I need new & improved trimming tools!
I think I need to go to Bison Studios for some really nice ones… Merry Christmas to me!

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